Grocery shopping can be stressful when you’re keeping your health in mind while surrounded by endless aisles of processed “junk” foods.  With these tricks, you’ll find it easier to resist those cookies dying to be picked up and placed into your cart.

  1. Eat a balanced...

       It’s about the time of year when we start to reflect on the progress of our new years resolutions. If adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet was on your list, a salad at lunchtime is the perfect opportunity.  The trick to prepari...

I know everyone experiences those days where you can’t kick that craving for your

favorite comfort food. And usually, accompanying that comfort food is loads of

saturated fats, oils and refined sugars.

Today, I’m here to share with you my favorite comfort food alternative...

November 16, 2016

For people who are lactose intolerant or following a vegan diet, milk alternatives may be an important part of their diet.Take a look at the differences between the 1 cup of cow's milk and some of the popular alternatives in the chart below to see how they stack up....

I recently tried out several nutrition and fitness apps to see how they compare. Each had slightly different things to offer and two really stood out! See quick reviews on each below:

Calorie King

Best for quick food database search for calories & macronutrients. Do not...

Visit members of the Central New York Dietetic Association on Saturday June 14, 2014 from 10AM – 1PM at the CNY Regional Market. We will be providing samples of a crisp and refreshing, antioxidant-laden Spinach and Strawberry Salad outside of shed “E”.

Spinach and Straw...

This week on Channel 9’s Bridge Street talk show, CNYDA member Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN joined the hosts for a chat at the beginning of the show. 

Kelly spoke about the following nutrition myths:
1. Myth: fat is bad
Fact: we need fat in our diets to absorb fat solubl...

By Danielle Stegman RD, CDN, CNSC

A crash course in cooking terminology for those new to cooking, and a review for the more seasoned cooks out there! Review these terms to enhance your cooking knowledge.

Al Dente: An Italian term used to describe pasta that is cooked unt...

By: Makaela Marie Newsome, Syracuse University undergraduate student

Just to give some background on myself, I am a 20-year-old college student studying nutrition and dietetics. I love working with new and alternative gluten free and other allergen free products.

This is...

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